About Us

About ExpertHelpVideos.com

My name is Stu Eaves and i’m the creator of this website. After about 20 years of solving computer-related problems, I decided to create some videos explaining the solutions to some of the problems I’ve encountered. Over the years this has expanded to now included non-computer related problems too.

ExpertHelpVideos is about offering unique videos, demonstrating how to solve some problems which are not widely documented anywhere else.

Have you ever spent hours and hours looking for the answer to a specific problem?

Using search engines, reading forums and help sites for sometimes days on end trying to work around or resolve an issue can cause you a lot of stress and frustration.

A lot of people go to forums and websites to moan about problems, but often the solutions given by others either do not work, or the problem just never gets answered or resolved.

If you’re experiencing a very rare problem then you’re REALLY in trouble! You may not even find any reference to the problem anywhere!

In my life I seem to have come across many more problems (computer-related) than most, and a lot of them don’t have solutions documented anywhere. After deciding to write the solutions down one day, I decided to go one step further and create videos showing how to get over the more common ones.

It takes a long time to plan, record, edit, render, compress, upload, and create descriptions & images for each of these – so I can only do them as and when time permits. This website is being run as a hobby for me, although i’m on hand whenever you need me for support issues. All the problems solved on this website I have personally experienced and solved myself.

I aim to produce high quality help videos – all are filmed in HD resolutions, and where possible I will give away some of the solutions free of charge. Any charges I make on the website for my videos are genuine reflections of the amount of time and effort it’s taken me to resolve the problem at my own expense, and then the additional time & effort to produce a high quality, easy to understand solution for you, which you can download and access anytime, day or night.

Thank you for your interest and support, I hope you find something useful on this website!