Customer Feedback

The following customer feedback are testimonials from real customers and are unedited.


This was the only place online I could find the solution to my problem and I am very pleased with the results!
Adeel, UK.

Not being technically minded I found this a very easy to use website with helpful and efficient service.
Mike, UK.

Superb service & value for money. Will definitely use again.
Paulo, UK.

Easy process, and very quick to resolve problem, couldn’t ask for anymore.
David, USA.

Good overall service but still don’t like having to pay to sort out a problem Acer should of fixed!!
James, UK.

Great service. Thank you.
Trevor, UK.

I bought an acer laptop for my daughter and it kept crashing. your video was a huge help to me, thanks
Dawn, UK.

Didn’t realise I had to have a copy of XP for the acer, but i got a cheap one on ebay. Good video.
Rebecca, USA.

Stu was very quick to help me when I had trouble downloading the video I ordered – thanks again.
John, USA.

Nice one mate, sorted me out proper!
Colin, UK.

I cannot thank you enough for the brilliant video you made, at last someone clearly explained how to get over this problem.
Christopher, Canada.

Thank you my friend, your video was a valuable lesson and I thank you for it.
Asif, UK.

Very fast download and the video played back perfectly just what I needed.
Peter, UK.

Cannot be faulted. Great Service.
Anthony, UK.

Excellent video for the Acer laptop, really helped me out and sorted the problem in under an hour!
Simon, UK.

Thank you for the quick service, very happy.
Tom, UK.


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